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Welcome to Juniper Springs Resort

We want to ensure you have all the details about our property prior to your arrival so you can have a successful stay from the very start. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our check-in policy, rules & regulations, resort fees, parking, wildlife, and more. Sorry, no pets allowed.

In our ongoing effort to fight the spread of COVID-19, we regularly check for updated recommendations from the CDC and local health authorities, and update our Mammoth Lodging Collection Modifications accordingly.


Check-In: 4PM

Check-Out: 11AM

During peak periods and holidays, our hotel operates at or near full capacity. We will accommodate early check-ins based on availability, but the following additional rates apply: before 7AM, full daily room rate; 7AM–11AM; half of the daily room rate.


Juniper Springs Resort
4000 Meridian Blvd. / PO Box 2129
Mammoth Lakes, CA USA 93546

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Property Rules & Regulations

Learn more about the properties rules and regulations that owners, guests and visitors are required to follow. 

For questions or to obtain a complete copy of the Rules & Regulations, please call the Juniper Springs Front Desk.

Contact Us

Reservations | 800.MAMMOTH
Front Desk | 760.934.1102
Send Fax to Guest | 760.924.8152

Fire Prevention and Responsibilities

  • In room fireplaces operate on thermostats and will activate as needed to keep the room warm.
  • Juniper Springs Resort is completely smoke-free.
  • Smoking, including Vaping and E-cigarettes, are not allowed anywhere on property including the units, balconies and patios.
  • Open flames like candles, etc., are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the unit.
  • Guests will be responsible for any damage because of failure to obey rules or due to negligence.

Pet Policy

Sorry, no pets allowed for guests. Guest pets, with the specific exception of service animals, are not allowed anywhere on the property, including the units and balconies/patios. Please call the front desk in advance of your arrival if you have questions about bringing a service animal to the property.

Owners’ dogs are not allowed to be left alone on the balconies/patios. Barking dogs will be deemed a nuisance and will be removed from the property.

Pool Area

The pool area, with a heated pool, three spas, a Bocce ball court, a fire pit and barbeque grills is open from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. for your enjoyment. (Hours subject to change without notice)

  • Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 
  • Glass containers and music are not permitted in the Pool Area.

Equipment Lockers

Equipment lockers are available on the first floor. Your room number and locker number must be the same. Bicycle storage is available.

Security Notice

For your safety, all activities are being recorded to aid in the prosecution of any crime committed against guests, employees or this facility.

Read Rules & Regulations

Enforcement of Maximum Occupancy

The premises are for the sole use as a personal vacation residence and must not exceed the maximum occupancy established for each residence. No other guests, visitors or persons are permitted. If the premises are used, in any way, by more than the maximum posted occupancy, the Occupant will be charged $1,000 per person, per night in penalty fees; and the Occupant, Authorized Guests and all others may be required to immediately leave or be removed from the premises. Additional fines will be enacted if these and additional policies are violated. Policies subject to change without notice.  

Parking Information

Juniper Springs Resort has limited covered parking.  Parking is for guests only and an approved parking tag must be displayed at all times.  Oversize parking is located in the lot next to Juniper Springs Resort and in front of Eagle Lodge.

Vehicles must display an approved parking tag. 

Vehicles must be parked within the yellow parking lines.

Vehicles are limited to 19 feet including attachments (e.g., luggage, ski, board, and bike racks)

except in spaces marked for “Extended Length Vehicles Only.” 

Only vehicles between 19 feet and 21 feet, including attachments, are permitted in designated parking spaces marked “Extended Length Vehicles Only” and must display an approved Red Tag. 

Any vehicle greater than 21 feet must park at the adjoining Eagle Lodge’s exterior parking lot.

Any vehicle in violation is subject to being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense or will have an immobilizing “boot” being attached to the wheel, which requires a $100 fee to remove.


More Information

Bears & Wildlife

One of the joys of visiting Mammoth Lakes is wildlife sightings, mostly American black bears. It is not unusual to see a bear wandering through town or near your hotel. Unfortunately for wildlife, humans can pose a problem to their natural habitat. Remember it is our responsibility to keep our wildlife wild. The best way of doing this, and preventing bears from becoming dependent on humans for food, is to follow these rules:

Never Feed Wildlife

• Do not leave any food or trash outside unattended.
• Remove all food and scented items (such as shampoo, deodorant or lotion) from your car.
• Keep your car locked.
• Don’t leave pet food or bowls outside.
• Deposit all trash in a bear-proof trash can or dumpster and be sure to secure it afterwards.
• Close and lock your windows when you leave if you’re staying on a ground floor level.

If You See a Bear

• Keep your distance and enjoy it from afar.
• Do not get between a mother bear and her cubs.
• If in a group, never surround a bear – give it a clear escape path.
• Don’t ever turn your back or run from a bear.
• Make loud noises and yell, clap or bang on something to scare it away.

If you see a bear misbehaving, such as trying to get into a dumpster, vehicle, or building, call 911 immediately. The town police and wildlife specialist are trained to handle wildlife situations.

When driving, especially at dusk or dawn, be on the lookout for animals crossing the roadway. Hitting a bear or deer can be fatal – not only to the animal, but also to car passengers.

For more information on co-existing with wildlife in Mammoth Lakes, contact the Mammoth Lakes Police Dept. at 760.937.BEAR.


Resort & Additional Fees

Resort Fee 

A Resort Fee of $20 plus tax will be added per room, per night. This fee includes unlimited local & 800 number phone calls, phone call connection fees, incoming/outgoing fax/copy service, computer usage, internet access, in room coffee & tea, DVD movie/game rental, use of a fitness room, in-resort transportation (seasonal), bike storage (summer), and ski & snowboard storage (winter) and lawn games in the summer. Applicable taxes are subject to change.

Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation

Your reservation will be charged a $1 per night donation. 100% of these donations will directly benefit the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation. You may choose to decline this donation upon check-in.

The Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation raises funds to provide an added margin of excellence for academic and athletic programs as well as learning facilities to benefit our community's children. By supporting children in the Mammoth Community who study, train and compete in our eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, we will help them reach the highest levels in the United States. The Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation can only be effective in developing world class students, athletes and citizens, with your help. We are pursuing some lofty programs and goals because we believe in our kids and we believe you care about them as well.


Deposit & Cancellation Policies

Mammoth Reservations is happy to assist you in reserving activities for your stay or to answer questions about your reservation. Please call us at 800.MAMMOTH. For group reservations, please contact your group leader.

Some promotional offers and discounts may require additional deposits or payment in full and be non-refundable, as stated in the specific offer. If a package has been purchased, any unused portion cannot be refunded or credited for any reason including weather and personal injury. All policies, rates, and fees subject to change without notice. 

Advanced deposit of the first night plus tax due at booking. No-shows and early departures are subject to full forfeiture of entire reservation total and tax. 

Read Deposit and Cancellation Policies